They are the ideals solution to define the outdoor with elegance and style, to protect from wind and to create the perfect privacy keeping the total beauty of the view and the light. Fences and Folding screen have a strong aluminium structure with transparent, brushed or colored crystals.

With an elevation of 1 m, Fences are in line with the modern trends in architecture and design and they are perfect to separate private gardens, outdoor swimming pool and paths.

Folding Screen are an excellent solution for the outdoor of commercial activities, such as bars, hotels, restaurants and pubs and they have a maximum high of 1,5 m. Available also with led illumination, they represent a suggestive, practical and innovative solution.


Technical details


Aluminium structure 

Foot in galvanized steel 

Aluminium cap 

Glass panels

Maximum height: Fences 1000 mm; Folding screen 1500 mm

Maximum weidth one panel: Fences 1296 mm; Folding screen 1596 mm

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