Operating Lease: a solution for every commercial activity

The Operating Lease is a TDS service which allows to every owner commercial activity (Hotels, Restaurants, Pizzerias, Pubs, Bars) the opportunity to rent awnings, pergolas and solar screens through the payment of a monthly or quarterly fee, without obligation but with the possibility to redeem it at the end of the contract. You can enrich you commercial activity with new outdoor spaces, enjoying benefits but without buying the product.


The product is not buyed, so it is not included among assets and there are no depreciation charges. Rental fees are 100% deductible for the purpose of IRES and IRAP, being considered services and utilities. 


You do not need an overdraft, the operation is not registered by Central Risks. The economic effort is minimum and you are going to pay only a monthly charge to use the Pergola.


Your activity benefits a bigger commercial space, it will change your activity in an innovative way and, paying a fixed fee for the whole contract of operating lease, you maintain liquidity to support your activity.

Operating Lease Characteristics

The contract has a minimum duration of 24 months and it consists on the payment of a monthly or quarterly fee which does not required any advance and it includes both ordinary and special maintenance, as well as the All-Risk insurance. At the end of the contract you can redeem or extend it.

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