Pergotenda Bioclimatica in Sardegna



Bioclimatic pergolas are outdoor structures in aluminum, with a cover with adjustable louvers that create a particularly comfortable environment in all seasons.

In fact, depending on the inclination you can control sunlight, degree of ventilation and protect from the weather.

To the great practicality of the product, we combine an unmistakable design touch and cutting-edge technical solutions, in an elegant mix of functionality and aesthetics.


Our pergola is a sliding covering system that combines innovative materials, cutting-edge technologies and sophisticated design.

Made of aluminium or wood, anchored to the wall or self-supporting, flat or inclined, open on the open on the perimeter or closed on the sides with sliding windows or other types of closures.

Enhance your outdoor and customize your pergola, in line with the colors of other environments, furniture or, why not, in open rupture.

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